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  Feedback :

 For Kundalini Meditation:

Kundalini meditation is more effective than normal meditation in that too I liked serpent meditation which is the best practice to awaken kundalini shakti. This form of meditation stimulates pineal gland, which some think is key to enlightenment. It help to cope up with daily stresses of life and helps to increase consciousness.
After having practice of Samooray natural healing feeling like every time while being in meditation the experience of the universe and feel that our body is very light. I like to stay in meditation for hours. I feel very joy and love to experience a profound sense of well being. It helps to relax and revitalize our body. The intensive meditation leads to serious truth seekers to self and god realization.
Meditation has helped me in go. Many ways in moods, health, concentration etc. My life after practice of kundalini meditation has totally changed in more positive way.
- Tejal Desai, Borivali, Mumbai.

Feeling relaxed and all tension baggage of emotional drama has gone.
Last time while doing the Kundalini Serpent Kriya I felt extreme jerk on my body as Kundalini was rising and my body was generating heat. Post the process, I have achieved great energy within on my daily routine life and I am at extreme blissful state right now.
- Jayesh G. K., Dubai.

Hath yoga is very effective one for me. It helped me to see outside, beyond my imagination. Very excellent, a single word can’t be described. It’s all self motivation. I was having my severe leg problem. It was instantly cured within 5 minutes and while doing Kundalini. I was totally with some extra power inside my whole body and it cured my stomach problem also.
- Parina Shah.

This was my first Meditation camp. I never thought that I would come up doing Meditation, because I felt that I am not that capable to have vibrations. This was possible just because of guruji and his powerful vibrations. This was a new experience to me. Thank you for every thing.
- Dipti Furia.

Pranayam and serpent make me feel healthy and my body light after completion. After serpent is complete, I felt vibrations in my palms first, then in full arms. Kundal dhyan resulted in vibrations on my face. Almost all the system has given a pleasant feeling of “Achievement” which is our main aim in going under Meditation. Last of all my recent experience of meditation is AMAZING; I felt something waves like moving in my body.
- Harshida Masrani.

Felt vibrations in whole body. Different colours : Green and violet were the brightest. Colours were forming in different shapes and sizes. I was eager to see what is beyond that. I hope to see what is there inside by Gods grace and Guruji’s mercy.
-Kamal Kapadia.

One should find time for meditation and communication with God. It lights up heart, we communicate with our silent life. We get spiritual attainment. We got more vibration during the process. More energized and active I hope for the best in my future, it will brighter my life. This meditation has brought a drastic change in my life. My main intention is to help others in one or the other way. I thank Guruji for such a wonderful experience I got in this camp. Thank you.
- Manjari Damania.

Meditation activates all your chakra and brings you close to reality so this makes me feel very fresh, relaxed and also explains me the true meaning of “living”. It also eases up my tensions. Meditation makes me go more and more into it because it helps you to have a close look at you from within, which is the real you. It is now the NECESSITY of life. From all the other system I personally feel Hat yoga is the best and it suits me the most. The other like Pranayam , Serpent kriya and Ukar are also good.
-Asha Tanna.
During Kundalini Meditation I feel cosmic vibration in my body and see my aura. 17 yrs
Ago I lost sensation in my left hand because of accident, after meditation my finger started moving properly, and I can now with my hands now. Its really a miracle.
 - Amitt Suthar, Mumbai
I have no words about my kundalini meditation’s experience. But I seen gold sun in middle my eyes that is very very superb.
Dear Guruji, God will gives you lots of success and love. Thank you very much.
- Bhavesh Tailor, Surat, Gujarat