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 AUMKar Meditation :

AUM in brief :

AUM is composed of 3 elements, 'A', 'U' and 'M'. The fusion of these 3 elements is AUM or OM. The 3 alphabets are pronounced in series.

Creative AUM has specializing is which works in Round shape physically. And this spiritual round AUM symbols of life. So meditation of 'AUM " is only Holy mediation.

Mediation is a beautiful mixture of mind & soul. It is very important and effective as well. It is very useful and acceptable in all the sector of life right form the birth till the death.

Aum is a typical combination of words which affects the surrounding and human beings through the vibrations. These mantras are to be chanted for enormous number of times to get the results. The results are miraculous. Each and every mantra starts with AUM and mostly ends with AUM.

In today's life is very stressful and unhealthy each and every human being surround by fear and is always worried about about future. This has resulted in fear and loneliness. Mediation is best way to overcome these situations.

The human life has become short & the resistance power has also reduced. By way of AUMkar mediation We can have positive vibration.

What is AUMkar mediation?

Mediation means to focus entire consciousness one thing mediation is not a complex or difficult process.

By AUMkar Meditating our attention not only on the future goals but also on the present affairs. Instead of focusing on goals we can achieve what we want by paying attention on present affairs.

The primary purpose of meditation is to bring forth clear states of awareness that will make authentic spiritual growth easier to experience.

Advantages and Effects of AUMkar :-

• Help in removing bad qualities like jealousy, anger, differences, pointing out at someone's mistake etc.
• Improves in building of the internal strength & avoids the feeling of loneliness.
• Heart disease, high blood pressure, depression.
• Changes the lifestyle, nature & habits.
• It helps in cleansing the mind.
• Balancing the emotions.
• Improves the concentration, memory.
• Relaxes Physically, Mentally, Emotionally.