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Expand Aura Level:

Our aura is a major tool in us being able to pick up on information on an energetic or psychic level.
When our aura ‘mixes’ or comes into contact with someone else’s we sense it, and we can learn to sense things about them.
You know the feeling when someone stands too close and you have to move away because something makes you feel uncomfortable, or when a certain person stands near and you feel relaxed and at ease.
All of those feelings are linked to things you are picking up by being in contact energetically through you auras.

So opening or expanding your aura allows you to work psychically with others, but you can also use it pick up on the energy of buildings and locations, a well as that of spirit presences.


How Do You Open & Expand Your Aura?

Visualization, posture and breathing are instrumental in expanding your aura. Intention is also important.

Simply by stating your intention, you will be in the right frame of mind to work psychically, and your guides will draw close to assist you.

Sitting or standing in such a way that allows your energy to flow unimpeded will help with the whole process of expanding your energy field.

Visualization and breathing work together to cause the energetic change that expands and opens your aura, making you more sensitive to the subtle energies around you.


Voice & Presentation:  Acharya Bhatiaji

Music: Prashant Parmar                             
Editing: Vishyu  
Cameraman: Hitendra Agrawal   
DVD: In Hindi