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For Facereading :

There have been many around me who have been trying to evolve, evolve to a higher plane of understanding, evolve to a higher plane of living spiritually. And yes one of us is ACHARYA BHATIA also he has been close to me discussing at times the may he has been going around trying to evolve certain himself that divine ray of infection as to manifest wisdom is amazing.
It was 2nd day of ganapati festival 1997 at the residence of my parents that he demonstrated what anyone can achieve with dedication.
After concentration for few moments in between the palms of my dad placed horizontally he could see through he veil between the know the condition of my grandmothers health which was terribly bad for many days and we all had been praying to god that she should be relived of all this stage of life (92 years). He suggested certain kriyas which we performed the next day and to all our surprise my grand mother self for her heavenly abode the very next day.
Later on also not only in my case but also in many other cases I have seen friendly great predictions and results.
May the manifestation of wisdom be in totally and the trust of the being of everlasting joy give him strength so as to evolve to a higher of higher plane.
- Praful S. Rane, Malad, Mumbai

I am thankful to Acharya Bhatia form the bottom of my heart he gave me very good guidance. I got married one year back, my husband got same physical problems and they were not reaching to give me divorce. After consulting Acharya Bhatiya. They become ready for divorce within 3 days. I am very happy. Acharya Bhatiya is a great person. I am really thankful to him.
Vibha Senghavi, Borivali, Mumbai

I thanks to you for doing my work as my sister was missing since form 20days & he told me that she come by by Sunday afternoon as she only the way which he told us we have done like this & we get positive result of that I and my family really thanks again from the bottom of our heart.
Rupali H. Makwana, Goregone, Mumbai

Acharya Bhatia plays a special role in our lines. He came across accidentally to his house & never looked back.
This aura is so strong that we experience a positive energy all around us, even is we just visit & talk to him.
He has suggested, which have proved to be helpful to us. He certainly has divine power which he used in the right direction he dies not charge money unnecessarily and dose not do things for monetary benefit. We have fill faith in him, we have learnt �Reiki� & mediation form him & have realized that these are essential for our daily activities.
Harish N. Padave, Borivali, Mumbai

Hello everyone, today i wld like to share my experience regarding to face reading i have learnd by Guru jii it was great experience for me i cld never thought that in a very short time i will learn face reading...with face reading meditations i am able to see other souls roaming around me in my house and feel the presence of other energy in ppl and at diffrent places....with face reading course i come to know between negative and positive ppl around me even ppl who come to me�with bad thoughts i atonce recognize them....and stay away from them..even now i can tell others aswell if they ask for scanning and the results are 100%...face reading meditation open my third eye when ever i want too which not only made me superb in scanning but even it brings drastic change in ur personality and thoughts coz it works on ur SOUL ....even i can heal more properly through facereading course coz now i can define pblm related to BODY,SOUL,and BRAIN....ppl are amazed by my knowledge of scanning and it is helping me to grow in a better way coz it is causing attraction in me which i love the most. I wish ppl learn this amazing techniques to make there life amaizing ,its very powerfull course.
- Madhia Wayen, Sialkot, Pakistan