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For Meditation:

To accept a good friend as a on the way of GURU - which is not possible, but Shree Acharya Bhatia has given miracle & holistic meditation by which it has become possible. What a wonderful & Devine meditation.
I was on the way of Holistic pranayama, yoga & Meditation, but after having special connection & acceptation of acharya Bhatia by heart - now I am sure & confident that I will achieve my goal easily.
Dr. Suresh Pujara,
Valsad, (Gujrat India)
Unbelievable meditation has put me a magic & cheerful experience. I have never enjoyed this much before. New life, new body, like newly born with powerful mind. Honesty I admit that I was under only knowledge that you are only a Reiki grand master, but here in Camp. I have come to conclusion that you are master of meditation & you are a very sincere to your student equally.
Prof. Prahlad Bhavsar,
Nasik, (Maharastra. India)
I feel and I happy to say ,that time the energy flow was mind blowing in my body, I am completely satisfy with all the part of meditation .now I am completely believed in energy field. Energy is more powerful actually I like all the part of meditation but this three are more interested.
This is my most wonderful time in hole life. And thank you much for giving such kind of meditation. I wish Guruji always bless me. Mittal Jadav Vil Parle ( Mumbai , India )
I have participated in around 6 to 7 session during meditation, I feel some new energy inside my body. 15 years a go, I had met with an accident in which half of face & nose was injured. But during my third session, I noticed some improvement in the same put which was next to impossible this has increased by confidence & I wish to attend all the sessions in future.
Nirmala Barot.
Goregaon (Mumbai. India)
During hath yoga, I felt a height was passing within me & in that light bhatiaji was meditating. A energy emerged form his side & was pulling me towards the universe both my hand were vibrating so hard that I felt, I was relaxed & felt peace in mind after meditation.
Deepa Pithadiya
Mulund (Mumbai. India)