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 Feedback :

For Samooray Healing:

After doing this course I felt situation didn't change much but me become more positive and strong to handle that situation and I got clear vision (Third Eye) meditation and all other meditation.
Samooray Healing helped me by problem solving and stress reduction. Its helps me to improve my mental and physical health and leads to increase my self esteem.
-Toral Bhatt, Mumbai


It is very divine, powerful way of healing, it is very pure, and it gives us protection and feels energetic through out the day, very quickly it relieves us from any sort of pain with regular practice we are able to achieve desired results. Initially when I had not learnt about the healing process my Dad used to stay upset and being a short tempered person he used to remove his anger on my mother but with the help of healing now my dad remains calm and usually he doesn’t become angry. My Mother, She had severe back pain, headache, and pain in legs. Through healing she in a short period of time got relief from all pain and remains energetic throughout. It has helped in a great extent, has proved very beneficial to me and gives peace of mind, ensuring good health. Everyone must learn Samooray Healing.I also had stomach disorder due to my adolescence; Samooray Healing helped ne to cure my disorder and now everything is normal.
-Kavita Soni, Mumbai


Samooray Healing Course created some natural energy within me, which can’t be explained but cab be experienced. In the process I was in some beautiful world and could actually feel the purity. It helped me to calm down my nature and become revenge less. It has helped me to remove negative energy not only from my body but form my life. I can feel positivity every where.
- Bhumika Modi, Ahmedabad.

My daughter had blockage in her right kidney, due to which she was suffering from urinal infection from past two and half years. Mentally we were not prepared for operation, so we went for option which was Samooray Heealing. It helped to get rid off form her infection, this was like a miracle. Samooray Heealing purifies all chakras of the body and thus the results are miracle.
-Deepak Parekh.

I got know many new things after attending this seminar. The result is quick $ effective. One of my family member had a severe knee pain which got healed within a week with the help of Samooray Heealing. My friend had pain in her elbow, which got cured due to Samooray Heealing.
-Pinki Chheda.

Samooray Heealing is excellent. It helped to enjoy journey of that world where it is impossible to reach. My niece had problem in her pregnancy which got solved with help of Samooray Heealing.
-Rashmita Gopani.

My body feels very light. I can sit on floor, with crease-cross legs now. My knee pain has flown away. Samooray Heealing is another miracle after Reiki.
-Meena Ruparel

Samooray Heealing is very excellent, out of world. I had pain in my legs since 5 years which got cured within 5 minutes. It helped in developing my inner power.

Samooray healing course helpful as the energy is very instant and healing is also instant. The imaginary golden light helps to concentrate for meditation also.
I had severe knee pain. Which is slowly getting heal. I have also cleared my chakras are getting balanced and energetic. I can walk up ti three kilometer daily.
My aunty was depressed and was not willing to come anywhere. After giving healing her knee pain was better and attended the family marriage.
My sister has a problem on left hand. I gave instant healing for 15 minutes for three days and she left better and hand movement was proper.
My husband has severe back pain. I give regular healing and he feels better and has a felling not to wear the belt.
Mrs. Janki, Kandivali, Mumbai

Few days ago my mother had a problem of chronic kidney disease and had been hospitalized; Doctor said that if she does not get recovery within 24 hours, she will have to go under dialyses. I had no way to think. I started Samooray healing thrice a day taught by Acharya Bhatiaji and within 12 hours it started to recover the kidney infection and after 4 days all reports were normal. Now she is okay.
Thanks Samooray healing and Acharya Bhatiaji
-Rajesh Panchal.
The Samooray Heealing course is a very good experience. I find myself to be very lucky to have done this course. It is really very helpful and I would say at least one member of the family should go for it so that the benefit is enjoyed by every member of the family.
This course has helped me a lot. I have been able to help and relive pain of my family members & relatives. It has also brought peace to my life and family.
I came to know about the course while surfing the net when I wanted to do an energy healing course. I am really very thankful to Acharya Bhatiaji for bringing this positive change in my life.
-Rupa Hemani – Kandivali, Mumbai
My son had a problem of short temper & angriness. He was not interested in study. At the         time of std. 10th join very confused about my son at that time. I know about Samooray Healing   and I talked with Acharyaji they gave Samooray Healing to my son and miracle my son got 74% and we are very much pleased. It is very good experience
-Falguni Naik, Surat, Gujarat.