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Feedback :

For Spinal Yoga Healing:

Spinal yoga healing course made me gain strength, flexibility and endurance which was my basic goal to achieve.
There was let of neck pain and after taking medicine also it didn't help me, but this yoga made it completely out of pain and feeling much refreshing after we practicing it daily.
Thank you acharyaji !! for this wonderful course which is helping me in my day to day life.
- Toral Bhatt, Mumbai

Very to the point and very enlightening.
Very to the point and very enlightening.
- Trupti Gadgil, Mumbai.

I teach Naturopathy $ Reiki, by evening I get completely exhausted .After learning Spinal Yoga Healing, my body got energetic. Earlier I had Cystic and back pain. I got totally relieved from all my problems; I can feel the energy in my hands and legs.
- Alka (Nashik)

I liked Spinal Yoga Healing Course very much. I experienced something different; I can feel the energy flowing in my whole body. I used to suffer from leg pain, while fasting. After doing Spinal Yoga Healing my leg pain has vanished. I can feel thrice the energy flowing from body. Now I am stress free.
- Aruna Chedda.

I had severe pain in my body which stressed me very much. After learning Spinal Yoga Healing my pain went away within ten days. My body was little bulgy earlier, but after doing Spinal Yoga Healing I lost my weight. I am very happy today. I am relieved with my all problems and I feel much, much energetic and fresh.
- Mittal Jadhav.

I had severe back pain which has disappeared after doing this course. I can climb the stairs very easily. Spinal Yoga Healing Course is very excellent. Energy level is for 24 hours. After the asana I can feel the energy passing through my palms and legs.
- Kamal Kapadia.

This course is very good and useful for our body. All exercises are very easy to do and not much time consuming. It increases blood circulation and therefore our body remains energetic and stress free the whole day.
-Improvement in blood circulation.
-Relief in leg pain and joint point.
-Loose of abdomen fat.
-Release stress and tensions.
-Has also increased energy level.
- Geeta Shukla.

I am highly benefited by SYH Course and feeling well and fresh. I am feeling comfort about back pain. My body feels absolutely fresh and full of energy.
- Madhubhai Kikani.