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Feedback :

For Tibetan Singing Bowl:

Excellent the effect of bowl is instant. It heals so easily and affects our soul deeply. I have given this healing treatment to my family; this helped me to make them positive. I have also given to few more people, who can't sleep at night, they are now very happy they can sleep without any medicine.
- Suresh Panchal ,Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Very effective and has the fastest healing power. Absolutely unique technique for Spiritually sound healing. It healed me from stomach aches and back pains during periods. I had this severe problem Of stomach ache during periods and always had to take 2 medicines to cure the pains. But the day I learnt & applied this technique, my stomach ache vanished immediately & It had an immediate fast effect. The miracle was that I did not have to take any medicine as it got cured immediately.
- Vidhi Janani, Mumbai.

It relived the pain which my daughter suffered due to dislocation of wrist bone. Energy Increased in pens and pencils of during exams, Making food tasty, relief in heels pain, increased room's energy and making mind very peaceful and positive.
- Toral Soni , Mumbai.

When I was joined and come for this course don't know before that this sound. I heard three time in my house. After wards I heard same sound in class very surprising for me & change in my house environment. Feel cool and relax. In my lowness I got orders too also same rates I follow after this.
- Rajeshwari Pathan, Mumbai.

Good Healing power Give immediately peace of mind & relaxation. Relief to my wife in brain, feet & other body pain. Immediately taking too deep positive of inner peace feel frees & energetic.
- Narendra Parmar, Mumbai.

I have very intense meditation experience with Teebetan Singing Bowl. While healing with this system I I tried on some of my clients and I had very good feedback. I tried it on water and found that It worked like a charged water and also received positive feedback from client.
- Chirag Bhatt, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.