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Spiritual Healing Centers in Mumbai - Healing Center in Mumbai
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  About Us

Samooray Natural Healing Society was established by Acharya Bhatiaji as a means to educate and create awareness about meditation and spiritualism for the benefit of all. Acharya Bhatyaji has been teaching Meditation, Healing Techniques and Spiritual practices for almost three decades. He also has the spiritual gift of knowing about a person just by seeing the photograph.

The courses offered by Acharya Bhatiaji shows his vast in-depth Knowledege of all the spiritual practices.

He organizes courses for Reiki with seven healing therapy. 3 days meditation camp with Hath yoga (Kundalini), and to energise Mind/Body & soul. It has the ability to sustain and Protect, to renew, heal, and balance. Learn the healing property to Gems Stones or to learn more about crystals in Advance Crystal healing. Expereince relaxation and stress release by his popular Spinal yoga Healing technique and Tentora Cards with Pendulam for complete guidance about your past ans future.

Through his intuitive abilities he can also analyze the energies in your house/office and offer advice for peace, harmony, prosperity and balance of energies.

Samooray Natural Healing Society.

Helping you obtain the guidance you need to fulfill your purpose in life.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Look at your life - do you have what you really, really want?


 We Undertake

• Money Power Process: Rs. 5000/ & Teaching Course Rs. 40000/
• Gazing (Face Reading Course) Rs. 11000/ (New*)
• Samooray Healing. Duration: Two Half Day. INR Rs: 8000/- with material Pendulum & CD.
• Advance - 1 Samooray Healing with Chakra's Diagnosis. Duration 3 to 4 Hours, Two session Fees Rs: 9500/- with material.
• Advance - 2 Samooray Healing with Aura Dowsing. Duration 3 Hours, Two session Fees Rs: 10500/- with material.
• Advance - 1 Pendulum (Chakra's Diagnosis & Chakra's Yoga) Duration 4 to 5 Hours, Fees Rs: 8000/- with material.
• Advance - 2 Pendulum (Complete Aura Checkup) Duration 4 to 5 Hours, Fees Rs: 8000/- with material.
• Pendulum Basic Duration 3 to 4 Hours Fees Rs: 5000/- with material 40 Dowsing chart.
• Super Soul Power - Duration 3 to 4 Hours, Two session Fees Rs: 6000/- with material.
• Past Life Therapy - Duration 3 to 4 Hours, Two session Fees Rs: 6000/-
3days Self Development Spiritual Mediation Camp. (Jalneti, Shutraneti, Breathing Power, Omkar, Kundalini Meditation, Tandav Kriya, Increase       Energy Level) (Out Door) INR Rs :11000/-
Reiki I & II (With Past Life, Colour, Crystal, Candle, Pyramid, Pendulam and Photo Therapy) Duration: Full Two Days. 9am to 5pm.
      INR Rs:8000/- With material (2 crystal pencils, pendulum, pyramid and CD.)

• Reiki III INR Rs : 11000/- Duration: Half Day.

• Spinal Yoga Healing INR Rs : 5000/- Duration: Half Day.

• Kundalini Awakening Duration: Two Days. INR Rs : 25000/- with material Audio CD.

• Gems Healing with Pendulum. Duration: Half Day. INR Rs : 9500/- with material (Gems stones & Pendulum.)

• Tarot Cards. INR Rs : 6500/- (with Tarot Cards) Duration: Seven days, Per day One hour.

• Vastu Yagya : INR Rs : 3500/-

• Vastu Consulting. INR Rs : 20000/-(One BHK ) With Remedy (Pyramid & Crystal.)
• Face Reading. INR Rs : 1100/-
• Tentaro Card. Duration: Half Day. INR Rs: 6500/- With Cards & Pendulum.
• Advance Crystal Healing. Duration: Half Day. INR Rs: 8000/- With Five Crystal Pencils.
• Aura Cleansing. Duration: Half Day. INR Rs: 4500/-
• Homeo Dowsing : Duration, Half Day / Fees Rs. 5000/- with 76 Dowsing charts & with Pendulum
• Expand Aura Level: Duration: 3 to 4 hours, Rs. 5000/-
• Super Soul Power: Duration: 3 to 4 hours, Rs. 7500/-
• Teebetan Singing Bowl: Duration: 3 to 4 hours, Rs. 15000/- with two Bowl & Teebetan Singing Bowl Combo CD (Four CD)
• Spiritual Awakening (Meditation, Astral Journey, Ingress Energy level ext.) Rs. 9000/- with material Six Audio CD. Duration: Three session, Per session 3 to 4 Hours.