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 Pendulum :


Everything in Nature is surrounded by energy fields that can be detected with dowsing. Dowsing is defined as the study of energy of field by a person who has magnetic ability.

These rays cause vibrations in the muscle of the dowser and in turn vibrate the pendulum.
Dowsing, scientifically known as radioesthesia, is the interaction of the mind of the dowser and the energy of the object of interest.

Importance of Silence :-
We were sitting out on our front garden just enjoying the day with some friends, For some reason my wife, leena, had been playing with her Ring, that had been my mother's, and suddenly she realized that she had lost it. Where to look? We divided up the lawn into small squares and began to frantically paw through the grass trying to feel the ring with our fingers.

Suddenly, I remembered that I had my pendulum in my pocket. I use what's called a bullet pendulum - it's a steel weight, about the thickness of a writing pen, about 1 1/4 inches long (4 cm), and pointed at one end. Attached to the other end is about 7 inches (16 cm) of one of those chains that you find connected to plugs in old sinks.

As I held the chain in my hand with the weight dangling below my fingers, all kinds of thoughts were rushing through my mind, 'This ring was important to Leena The rock alone is worth a good piece of change� Maybe it's lost forever� Wait a minute! This is really important to me, Focus in. In what direction is Leena�s ring?'
The pendulum started swinging back and forth, pointing in line slightly to my left. 'Is it in front of me?' My pendulum swing into a clockwise direction, which for me means yes. The hair on the back of my neck began to tingle. This is my body's way of telling me that I'm on the right track.

Most dowsing is used to find water and minerals. It has been used to find lost objects, even people. It can be used to dowse the subtle energy field surrounding objects, plants, animals, and people. If we are doing energy healing, we can dowse the body of a patient before and after treatment, and observe any energy changes.

Dowsing can help us to diagnose diseases. Most important part is that it can predict diseases by getting information�s of movement of energy in our subtle bodies associated with endocrine glands.

With the Pendulum, you can connect with Universal Intelligence in a way that you can see and feel. When an answer is very strong, you can absolutely feel the pendulum moving so powerfully in response that it feels like it may pull right out of your fingers.

It is an amazing the pendulum swinging at such speed when a moment before it was hanging still, and all you did was ask a question.

Pendulam Chart


Dowsing is an ancient divining technique, focusing on the "Vibrational energy frequencies" thought to pulse through all forms of matter, including the human body. In complementary medicine, practitioners dowse the body with a pendulum, which is claimed to swing in response to these frequencies and detect vibrational imbalances that could lead to physical or mental illness. Use as a diagnostic tool in several therapies, notably color therapy and radionics, dowsing has a long tradition in Europe.

Homeo Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is a great art rather than a pure science. It let you predict and feel about something in which you feel difficulty. Pendulum is also use in various daily life fields. Later this technique equipped with various methodologies and now it is vastly used in the field of future predictions and for healing methods. In Homeopathy pendulum dowsing is a great art in which a Homeopath determined the exact disease and the remedy potency of his patient.
Homeo Dowsing Chart
Dowsing Charts

Our 76 Homeo Dowsing charts are different from all the other many varieties of charts about because of one thing. Instead of relying just on your intuition (via dowsing) they also encourage you to make full use of your rational mind as well.

These dowsing charts offer a simple flow-chart approach to dealing with problems easily and effectively. You are taken through, step-by-step, all of the important aspects of a problem. Not just the obvious, rational stuff, but also the invisible, energetic aspects as well which can and do play such an important role in your life.
By outlining the steps for you, you can be sure you have taken into account every aspect of the problem or decision facing you.
We developed these charts because we used this approach a long time for ourselves. Plus we used it for our clients.