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(In Hindi) Pendulum, Reiki, Pyramid, Crystal & Meditation

Pendulum : Dowsing (Water Witching, Divining, Questing) is the ancient art of finding water, minerals and other objects that seem to have a natural magnetic, electromagnetic or other perhaps unknown energy. Energies that the body seems to detect with its built-in, laboratory demonstrable sensors that are no more mysterious than seeing, hearing or feeling, and seem to be natural to all of us

Reiki : Reiki is a special beneficial healing therapy - which has no any side effects. It has special benefits of mental & physical.

Pyramid : A pyramid is any three dimensional polyhedron where the faces other than the base are triangular. Pyramids help to harmonize our environment and to charge.

Crystal : Crystal healing is the use of crystals to bring about healing and positive changes in the mind and body. In this overview you will discover the healing properties of these gemstones and crystals and learn how bring about true changes to your life.

Meditation : In meditation there are many subjects to centralize in our mind & by which our Divine root is open them, a person gets free from physical, mental & many tension. He comes out from negative thinking & change the life from tension a person free from long thinking & go for positive attitude. So meditation first step is to be concentration with being long waiting.
  M.R.P Rs. : 230/-  

(In Hindi) Jalnati, Sutranati, Pranayam, Maun, Chakra Yoga, Hath Yoga (Kundalini)

Jalnati :Neti removes all the dirt and bacteria filled mucus from within the nose. It also helps to drain the sinus cavities. This in turn, will help to recharge the body’s natural mechanisms against nasal infections such as allergies, sinusitis and other upper respiratory complaints like sore throats and coughs, post nasal drip, inflammation of tonsils and adenoids.

Sutranati :Sutra Neti is performed by passing a cord made of a rubber catheter into the nose through one nostril and then out via the mouth. Sutra Neti can be of great benefit, and is highly recommended.

Pranayam : Maun : Silence (Moun) is abandonment of speech, conversation etc. with a right knowledge and spiritual advancement in view. This is a very important part of Body Mind & Soul progress.

Maun : Silence (Moun) is abandonment of speech, conversation etc. with a right knowledge and spiritual advancement in view. This is a very important part of Body Mind & Soul progress.


1. Speech is great, but silence is greater still. Silence is the holy temple of our divine thoughts.

2. Silence is the best unique art of conversation.

3. Silence is the best speech.

4. The ego gets wiped out in the state of silence.

Chakra Yoga : Chakra Yoga have a deeper significance value in the development of the physical, mental and spiritual personality, whereas pure exercises only have a physical effect on the 7 Chakras . Physical exercises are performed quickly and with a lot of heavy breathing.

Very large muscles, in particular, require more nutrition and a greater supply of blood. Consequently, the heart and respiratory system have to work much harder. In this way there is exhaustion of vital energy.

Hath Yoga (Kundalini) : Kundalini is an invisible force, but in the human body it is clothed in a nest of hollow concentric spheres of astral and etheric matter, one within the other.

There are seven (7) concentric spheres resting within the Root Chakra.  In the ordinary human, the only force active is the outermost sphere; the other spheres are asleep.

In order to bring your Root  Chakra into full activity is to awaken these inner spheres, and it is this force that arouses or activates the rest of the chakras.

Think of Kundalini as a LIQUID FIRE that rushes through the body when it has been aroused by the will - emphasized, your WILL. When it has been aroused, it spirals up your spine like the coils of a snake.

  M.R.P Rs. : 230/-  

1.  Removes negativity from body.
2.  Brings change in behavior and attitude.
3.  Releases tension and stress.
4.  Benefits all seven chakras of the body.
5.  Expands Aura.
6.  Increases cells in the body.
7.  Helps in purifying Naadi (Nerves).
8.  Helps to concentrate on meditation easily.
9.  Increases energy level.

  M.R.P Rs. : 230/-  

Breathing is the main connection between the mind and body. You need to take time to slow down your breathing and observe it: Breathe in and breathe out. By coming to your breath, you can calm your emotions and stay in the present moment.

ARE YOU A FLAWED BREATHER? Ever notice how quickly you breathe when you're stressed out or when you're tired? Or how slowly you breathe when you're at rest and overall feeling relaxed and content?

The ability to modify your breathing is an automatic reflex. However, due to the constant inundation of stressors in our modern day society, our body's ability to moderate our breathing has become flawed. Even if you wanted to, many of us don't know how to breathe well especially while you sleep at night.

It's no wonder then that with so many stressors in life that make breathing difficult, why so many of us are sick and tired these days.

If you'd like to experience the benefits of breathing better and learn a breathing exercise that you can do at home to refresh your mind, body and soul.

Benefit of; Improve Energy level, Deep Sleep, Heart, Blood circulation, Abdomen, Reduce Stress, Relaxation, Enhance your Concentration and Memory Power.

  M.R.P Rs. : 230/-